The connectable.

The table
that connects


One for all

At the connectable people from different backgrounds simply come together: adults, children, wheelchair users and elderly people meet at a table with two levels. Without obstacles they can work, communicate or dine together. At events, exhibitions, at the office or at home.




„To eat, work or communicate together at a bar table with my wife, who is seated in a wheelchair herself – that was the reason for me to design the connectable. At public events my wife often does not have the possibility to put something down based on „her height“ while sitting opposite me. The connectable fixes this problem: Now we can communicate while we sit and stand together on the same furniture. A good feeling for both of us.“ – André Burkhardt



Design – made in Germany

Simple and universal – these are the key design features of the connectable. An essential component of the design concept are the four elements wich are connected in a rectangular way. By fitting together the four plate elements an inherently stable body is created, which meets the requirements for barrier-free usability, such as the need for wheelchair users knee clearance and the maximum table height.

The four items are made of high density black coloured Swiss CDF fiberboard and are manufactured using high-precision CNC milling in a German company. The wood material obtained from sustainable forestry has a very high stability, is splash resistant and flame-retardant (class B1). The surface of the panels is made of a scratch-resistant melamine.




Dimensions:  H 117 | W 82 | D 65 cm
Material:  Swiss CDF fibreboard




Four parts – one bar table

The connectable is fitted together by a simple connection system. The table can be assembled and disassembled in three steps and can be stored very well because of ist small fortbringt.

There are no tools necessary for setup.

Download: Sedcard (PDF)