We design accessibility with a sense of proportion.


Your ideas are the foundation for comprehensive usability.

The needs analysis is based on your initial ideas, concepts, and preliminary designs. Based on your specific requirements, we will establish, in detail, what measures are needed for the usability of your building project.

Our many years of experience with a diverse range of physical impairments provides us with a wide range of possibilities, which enables us to consider the design requirements of all people and adapt our plans accordingly.

The analysis can consider all groups of persons:

  •  Young children
  •  Elderly people
  •  Short or tall people
  •  People suffering from the consequences of an accident
  •  People with buggies / strollers or carrying heavy items
  •  People with motor impairments
  •  People with sensory impairments
  •  People with cognitive impairments


We design the plan and give you peace of mind.

Following the joint development in the preliminary design phase we will devise the usability concept (accessibility concept) for you. The concept will be prepared by us in writing and implemented graphically based on your CAD drawings.

The usability concept is then used as evidence in the process of gaining planning permission and lays out all of the requirements for accessibility and usability in every aspect of your planning.

For your individual concept we take into account, for example, the following standards:

  •  DIN 18040, DIN 32984, DIN 32975, DIN EN 81-70 / DE
  •  ISO 21542: 2011 Building construction – Accessibility and usability of the built environment / EU
  •  Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 / UK
  •  2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design / US


Usability Architects advise, design and accompany you in an engaged and sensitive manner.

Accessibility, or as we prefer to call it, usability in architecture, presents new challenges for architects and builders: design rich in contrast, surfaces that support tactile perception and orientation, or evacuation concepts for mobility-impaired people – to name but a few.

If you are looking for architectural solutions to these or similar requirements, Usability Architects can help you. As specialists, we assist interior designers, landscape gardeners and building architects as well as engineers, in preliminary design, planning, invitations to tender, construction and facility management.

Our advice and design includes:

  •  Support in competition processes
  •  Development of concept study
  •  Analysis of design
  •  Support in the tendering process
  •  Feasibility and cost analyses
  •  Development of guiding systems for the blind
  •  Checking of light reflectance value (LRV)
  •  Support in the approval process


We evaluate structural situations and design their solutions.

As surveyors and experts in accessible urban planning and building design (AK Berlin) we evaluate existing properties. We use our independent expertise to analyze and evaluate the shortcomings of all kinds of structural situations.

New tasks and questions often result from our survey report – we develop the appropriate answers to these by proposing the best solutions for optimizing or repairing defects.

Our range of expert services:

  •  Survey reports in accessibility
  •  Court and arbitrator surveys
  •  Insurance surveys


Identifying requirements is one thing. Their precise defintion is our strength.

Our initial surveys on accessibility provide you with a good overview. They show the current condition of private and public buildings, urban areas as well as recreation, sport and tourist areas.

These initial surveys are supported by the appropriate standards and digital surveying tools. We then use the professional data, gathered in this way, to create targeted action plans.

The survey in detail:

  •  Drawing up of specific checklists
  •  Site inspection and survey
  •  Detailed description of the current situation
  •  Development of a range of measures
  •  Cost estimation of necessary measures