Usability Architects move accessibility forward.

At some stage in the lifecycle, everyone experiences periods where they are temporarily physically impaired. You only have to think of crawling babies, children in buggies / strollers, people with a leg in plaster, with glasses, in a wheelchair or a walking frame. As Usability Architects we show the architectural ways and means of designing a world which allows every one of these people to do everything they want to, wherever they may be.

With this claim burkhardt usability architects was founded by André Burkhardt. The architect and expert in accessible urban planning and building design is the brain behind burkhardt usability architects. As such he also has an extensive network of carefully selected partners, with whom he meets your requirements now, for the architecture of tomorrow.

After working for notable German and international architecture firms – ingenhoven architects, HHF architects, Santiago Calatrava, Eller + Eller Architekten – in 2006 he founded the advisory and technical planning office burkhardt architekt | Büro für Barrierefreiheit. This has developed into burkhardt usability architects.