We survey, design and
accompany. For accessibility and
usability of your architecture.

A reliable concept as a guide.

Needs Analysis

Every architecture is different. As is every outdoor space. Which is why we provide a detailed needs analysis, with which we determine your needs point by point. In so doing, we know from the beginning exactly what has to be done and thereby also avoid any unnecessary costs.

Usability Concept

As part of the preparation for planning permission, we present you with a tailor-made concept based on accessibility, which will also serve as an analysis for the building authorities. The usability concept provides a reliable basis for all other upcoming planning stages.

Survey Report

We support you in all phases of your project und finally, we submit your building to an intensive examination and ensure it meets the applicable standards. If you wish to ensure that your architectural usability solution meets all legal requirements, we will of course provide you with a survey report.